About LTS

International Travel Roadshow is organised by OrangeTrips Holidays, Bangalore – India, The leader in Indian B2B Travel Industry. Established in 2009, OrangeTrips have crossed all barriers with the help of our employees who are passionate about travel. All our employees are MBA Tourism professionals from Top 5 Tourism colleges in India Such as Pondicherry University, Banaras Hindustan University, IITTM & etc..,

Today, Orange Trips has 8+ years of solid experience in Indian B2B travel industry. It has brought laurels in the field of tourism with 12,000+ active travel agents network in India. There are 30,000+ travel companies in India, but there are only 300 companies that have been approved by the Indian Tourism government and we are one of them – yeah, that’s right!We believe that we are the BEST from the rest – 7 out of 10 travel agents are well-aware about the amazing services provided by OrangeTrips brand in the Indian market.

OrangeTrips is not just a single entity alone, It offers a solutions in different verticals and few of them are as below.

Having 8 Years of solid experience in Indian B2B Travel Market. DMC for Maldives having 12,000+ active agents pan-india level. we know the pulse of our agents spread across india and we know who sells what.

Travel Representation Company for Resort, DMC, Tourism Organisations, Cruise & Attractions. This is the ONLY all inclusive representation travel company in india which creates a super star branding for our partners.

Software Technology Solution for Travel Agents (CRM & Booking Management). Over 15,000+ travel agents / DMCs across the world benefited from our cutting edge technology portal.

Indian Inbound Travel Company handling agents from USA, UK, Europe & Australian countries for India Tours. We have a huge networks of agents outside india who works regularly with us for their Indian tour arrangements.

OrangeTrips has made its place in the top 10 B2B travel companies in India and has been approved by Indian Tourism Government & organisations such as IOTA, TAFI and ISO Certifications. With our hard work and efforts, we have bestowed on us the proud moment of being the First ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified Travel Company in India.